A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Wilderness Therapy Program

A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Wilderness Therapy Program

It is crucial that you learn how to spot troubled behavior so you can help your teen deal with whatever he is struggling. As soon as you accepted that your teen needs professional help, you can start picking the right therapy program. There are many therapy programs but the most effective in providing help for troubled teens is arizona wilderness therapy program.

Introduction to the wilderness therapy program
Wilderness therapy programs are considered inpatient mental health treatment, which can help the teen explore who he is as an individual by being in nature for an extended period of time. Essentially, this program removes the teens from everyday life – without any distractions.

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You have to know that this program offers different techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, mindfulness techniques, equine therapy and many more. Basically, the program uses adventure activities in the therapeutic process. By being outdoors, teens will learn basic survival skills, which are restorative and healing. Trained professionals manage the program.

Finding the right wilderness therapy program
You have to take your time when it comes to finding the right wilderness therapy program for your troubled teen. Do not make the mistake of enrolling your teen into a program that you have not properly researched. To help you, here’s how to find the right wilderness therapy program:
• Location and program cost: these two factors hold greater weight for parents. There

are some parents who prefer to choose a location closer to home or an airport. The cost will depend on the provider so it is better to make a comparison before making a decision.
• Program history: you have to check the history of the program. Ideally, it should be operating for at least a few years. While you are at it, check if they had operating issues, investigations or license suspensions. This will give you enough idea of whether the program is reputable or not.
• Staff: you just want to ensure that your child gets the appropriate care and attention he needs. With this, you need to look for a wilderness therapy program with properly licensed and certified staff members. Aside from the license or certificate, the staff members should have years of experience in working with adults.
• Safety plan: you should pay attention to the program’s safety plan and safety record. You have to find out if the safety plan is aligned with the state regulations. This will ensure that your teen will be safe all throughout the healing process.
• Treatment philosophy: you also have to take a look at the program’s treatment philosophy. To have a positive outcome, the philosophy should be aligned with the day-to-day schedule.
• Good reviews: finally, you have to determine if the program has good reviews. You can do this by reading testimonials from former participants and parents.

Final word
As soon as you ensured that the wilderness therapy program is aligned to the criteria based on your research, you will feel better about entrusting your child to the program. Keep in mind that wilderness therapy program can make a huge impact on your teen’s life. At the end of the day, your teen will be more engaged in working towards a successful and happy future.