Make use of the third generation LED Units and become a new YOU


Who doesn’t want to look their best these days? The health and cosmetic industry is overflowing with products and therapies that make anyone look their best and ageless. With growing pollution and stress a women’s body undergoes a lot of changes that lead to poor skin quality and hormonal changes like unwanted hair. Laser therapy has been quite popular among clients.

As the technology is advancing the LED units are improving. However there are differences in their wavelength, usage, treatments etc. The lipo laser machines have changed with the years. Let’s check the three generations and see the difference.

  • First Generation – The lipo laser machines had higher wavelengths but less efficient it gave a way to the makers of machines to be better.
  • Second Generation – Lower wavelength and more efficiency.
  • Third Generation LED Units – The most effective and powerful lipo lasers.

The third generation Led Units are way more stable and efficient than previous relationships. These machines have diodes that conduct electric current in one direction. The diode densities of the latest machines are far better than the previous generations. They are stronger and stable. The efficiency of using the heat i.e. diodes in the latest third generation LED units are much more than the previous models. It lasts up to 10,000 hours. It is the double the amount.

By knowing the amount of energy used for the treatment allows the depth of penetration to be determined. This allows the treatment to be more successful and painless.Third generation LED units are cost effective too and saves energy more efficiently. The amount of energy used is 10-20 Watts only as compared to the previous generations.

Third generation LED units are very popular among the cosmetic industry. The success rate is way higher than the previous ages and these units have made a place in the market. There are more happy faces and more hope for women who struggle everyday with their body.  This therapy is a little costly. It can even cost thousands of dollars.

Patients with chronic illness or aged patients should avoid this treatment.  However it is advised to contact your doctor before proceeding with this treatment. One should be well prepared mentally and relax before the treatment. A certain lifestyle changes as in food habits and exercise is a must to avoid any further build up of fats in the body.

Some fats are good while some are bad for the body. Third generation LED units are very effective in removing the layers of fat stored in the body. The treatment doesn’t cause any pain or bruises. With each treatment session a difference is felt in the body.