Reasons Why You Need a Surrogate Parent

Reasons Why You Need a Surrogate Parent

No one can definitely compare to the joy of finally having a family. But how about if the wife you have can’t bear a child? Or you are a couple who find it hard to get to finally start raising a child? Don’t worry, you are not alone- a lot of people are experiencing the same thing too.

Remember when you are still a kid and you were asked at school what is your dream when you grew older.  You will then answer that you wanted to finish your academics, get a fantastic job and finally start a family.

10 years after, you got the perfect job, the perfect family but you still can’t call it a family without a child. Now, you wonder why this has been so hard for you and for your spouse. Maybe you need surrogate parent.

Why You Need Surrogate Parents?

this may sound a bit odd but having surrogate parents can literally save you the future that you have been wanting. There are basically ways of surrogating that does not involved sexual intercourse with your partners.

We are in the age of technology; professionals know a better way to let a surrogate parent bear your child without them even touching a part of your body. Today, let’s take a little bit closer to the whole picture of why you need surrogate parent.

Reasons to Hire a Surrogate Parent

We totally understand how you wanted to bear a child of your own, go through the 9 months of pregnancy and experience what it feels like to bear a life inside of you. You might get jealous of how other women can do that, but why not you?

Well, don’t worry because this is not the time to pity yourself. This just leads you to the reason why you need surrogate parents. Here are a few reasons why…

need surrogate parent

  1. You have Uterine Issues

Most common reason why you can’t bear a child is having uterine issues. This is pretty common for girls and it is a serious medical issue too, one of which is having extensive fibroids or asherman’s syndrome which makes it really difficult for you to carry a pregnancy to term. Maybe, there’s a lucky chance for you to bear even with uterine issues however it may be too risky to you and the baby you are carrying with you.

  1. You have Pure-existing Health Condition

Aside from uterine issues there are also other serious health issues that might prevent you from actually bearing a child of your own.  It may be too risky for you to proceed with your pregnancy which may also affect the normal development of the fetus inside you, some may even lead to fetal and postpartum stroke.  This leads to the option to need surrogate parent to make it safer for you and your baby.

  1. They have Problems with Previous Pregnancy

Most likely it is a traumatic experience to go back to the moment where you actually had problems with your pregnancy, basically it might do harm on you and your baby too. Best to need surrogate parent to make sure that you are at the right tracks and maybe for your baby too.